This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the demand for occupations categorized under the 2 and 3-digit ISCO (International Standard Classification of Occupations) codes in European countries. This dynamic and visually appealing dashboard presents data on occupations demand based on data from Online Job Advertisments segmented by ISCO codes in 2 and 3 digit levels. Users can interact with the dashboard by selecting specific countries allowing for customised analyses. 

Career advisors and vocational teachers can leverage this dashboard to enhance their guidance and support for students and job seekers in several ways:

  • Informed Career Counseling: Career advisors can use the dashboard to stay updated on the current demand for specific occupations in European countries. This information can help them provide tailored advice to students regarding career choices, emphasizing fields with high demand and job growth.
  • Matching Skill Sets: Vocational teachers can utilize the dashboard to align their curriculum with the labor market's needs. By understanding which occupations are in demand, they can adapt their training programs to equip students with the skills and knowledge required for these positions.
  • Geographic Insights: The interactive maps on the dashboard can help career advisors and teachers identify countries within Europe where certain occupations are particularly sought after. This allows them to offer location-specific guidance to students, considering factors like regional job markets and opportunities.
  • Targeted Job Placement: Career advisors can identify occupations with immediate job openings and guide job seekers toward these opportunities, increasing their chances of successful placement.